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January, 2024

This HRD article describes a call for Australian employers to increase annual leave, and Carol comments on the implications for employee well-being. More annual leave gives employees more autonomy to balance their work and non-work lives, and might be a great retention tool!

October, 2023

This BBC Worklife article includes Carol’s comments on the symbolic and signaling effects of employee benefits. You’ll find lots of great content about benefits in Human Resources for the Non-HR Manager's Chapter 2 (Recruiting Employees) and Chapter 8 (Rewarding Employees).

October, 2023

Downsizing is never going to be easy, but there are ways to reduce the pain. Carol talked with the Australian Financial Review about compassionate downsizing, a topic that readers will recognize from Human Resources for the Non-HR Manager’s Chapter 9!

October, 2023

Elissa is on a mission to get research-based evidence into the hands of people who can put it to good use. Here’s her take on “less businessy” business books from authors who translate research into language that people can understand.

September, 2023

Elissa talked with the Teachers College Newsroom about how to be a better boss. The article provides a nice summary of the book’s philosophy and target audience. And we love the image that positions line managers as superheroes!

July, 2023

Carol likes to imagine Human Resources for the Non-HR Manager in good company on a manager’s bookshelf. In this blog, she recommends some of her favorite books about making work a better place to be (when you aren’t the big boss).

July, 2023

Carol wrote this article for Financy, a fintech startup that helps organizations move the dial on diversity, equity and inclusion. She presents a handful of “hot tips” for line managers, explaining how they can support inclusion without a heap of extra stress or fuss.

June, 2023

Carol’s article for HRM Online answers this key question: What does an effective line manager look like in 2023 (and beyond)? And how can HR professionals support the line managers in their organizations?

Podcasts & Webinars

December, 2023

Carol presents “Line Managers: The Unsung Heroes in Every Organisation” to a gathering of the exploration and mining industries in South Australia.

September, 2023

00:00 / 15:16

Dr Ben Butina’s Department 12 podcast covers “Everything IO Psych.” Carol talked with Department 12 about a few favorite topics: how line managers make work a better place, how people management differs across international contexts, and how we can make progress on grand challenges one small step at a time. 

August, 2023

The Academy of Management hosts panels of management scholars to discuss trending management topics. In this webinar, Carol highlights educators’ responsibility to help practicing managers develop the skills they need. And she squeezes in a plug for L-E-S-S is more thinking!

July, 2022

This short film from The Economist includes Carol’s observations on hybrid work’s impact on the employer-employee relationship (with a particular focus on trust and autonomy).



March 2024

Carol presented a session on “Line Managers as Accidental People Managers” at the University of South Australia Centre for Workplace Excellence four-part webinar series entitled Achieving Workplace Excellence: The Critical Role of Line Managers.

For more information watch the preview video and to register your attendance at the remaining sessions CLICK HERE.

February, 2024

Carol presented “Line Managers: The Unsung Heroes in Every Organisation” at the MBA Association of Ireland & Cork University Business School's joint sponsored annual alumni event. Click the photo to view a short video of the event.

Carol presents Line Managers: The Unsung Heroes
New York City

October, 2023

Human Resources for the Non-HR Manager is all about helping managers create better, more inclusive, and healthier workplaces.  Elissa conducted a workshop for the Teachers College community on Creating Healthy Workplaces, based on the research evidence about how organisations can prioritise employee well-being.

Elissa workshopping healthy workplaces

August, 2023

The Centre for Workplace Excellence at the University of South Australia hosted an event celebrating the release of Human Resources for the Non-HR Manager.


July, 2023

The Teachers College, Columbia University community warmly welcomed Human Resources for the Non-HR Manager (and its authors)!

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